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A Harvest Prayer

A prayer written by one of the pupils and a selection of pupils' poems from our Harvest Festival

My Harvest Prayer

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this wonderful thing called harvest, which allows us to thank the farmers, fishermen and all the other people that provide us with food,
Thank you for the sun and the rain that helps us grow the crops in the field and helps to ripen the fruits on the trees.
Let us remember all those people in countries that don’t have the sun and the rain to give them all those wonderful foods.
Let us pray for more successful harvests all over the world.



Autumn has come and the fun has begun.
The trees are swaying side to side,
I can jump into a great pile of leaves !
The farmers are out in their field all day
And they are piling up stacks of bright yellow hay.
The conkers are falling all prickly and green,
We say bye-bye to the animals and we will see them in Spring.
There will be layers of leaves for us to walk on just like a great big carpet
but that is what makes autumn so special. 
Autumn Time
Autumn time is here the sun beaming on the orange leaves and the wind skipping with the grumbling leaves.  It is so beautiful in the autumn time.
Autumn time, autumn time is the time when the leaves fall and call the dead, dead I say.  It is so beautiful.
Autumn time is here; the leaves will fall and bury the grass.  No wonder it is so special, it can end, but not for long.

Autumn here
Flowers are packing up for winter,
The wind is playing autumn games,`
I am getting all my winter clothes together,
And seeing if they fit me,
The trees are playing with the leaves,
Every animal is hibernating,
I like to jump in the leaves,
The birds are making nests up high in the trees,
In autumn I hear the wind howling for me to come outside and play with it.
The Autumn is near
The autumn is near,
And if you listen,
You might hear,
The wind calling you to come outside,
Animals like the hare, hedgehog, and rabbit,
Find a cosy spot to hide,
As soon as you step out the door,
The streets are covered with leaves,
And who could want anymore,
You pile them up in heaves,
All because the autumn,
So thank you God.
I can't believe it's autumn
Autumn has come
I look out my window
The leaves have turned orange, red and brown
And the green spiky conkers have dropped to the ground
                                  I can't believe autumn is here

I come outside with my coat and my hat
the gentle breeze breathing on me
I can see little animals hibernating till spring
And the sparrow going to another country
                                I can't believe autumn is here

I can smell the crops for the harvest
The wind is chasing after the leaves
And the trees are swaying from the whistling breeze
                              I can't believe autumn is here

I am getting cold now so I go back in
Take off my coat and hat
My cats are curling up on the mat
I have a warm drink and think
                            I can't believe autumn is here
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