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Book of the week...

We are choosing a book of the week..

"I bought this book in because we talked about it in French, as it is a French comic. I would recommend it because it's funny and silly. There are 33 different comics in the series."  -  William Yr 3

"I am looking forward to reading because it looks like a really fun book, especially for girls to read; also I like witches."  -  Lottie Yr 3 talking about Hubble Bubble, The Glorious Granny Bake Off. 

"I enjoyed this book because it teaches you good things, like how to behave well and do the right thing." Lottie, talking about Aesop's Fables Usborne Young Reading.

"I like this book as it tells you a lot about what happened in the war, which is very interesting."  William, talking about D-Day, Lieutenant Andy Hope, Normandy 1944.

"I love this book because I support Arsenal and I can learn about my favourite players."  Charlie, talking about The Official Arsenal Annual 2016.

"I like reading the tongue twisters really fast because it's a good challenge.  I would recommend this book to people who like to do this too."  Millie, talking about Dr Seuss The Fox in Socks.