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FABS Fundraising

50/50 Club

Joining the 50/50 Club is extremely easy, relatively low cost, but something that could potentially make a big difference to the School.  The incentive for you is the chance to win up to £50 a month!


In order to become a member you agree to pay a total of £20 a year to the FABS 50/50 Club. This allocates you one number for the year.


Every month (excluding AUGUST & SEPTEMBER) a number will be drawn. 50% of the money collected goes to the Friends to help support the school through our fundraising goals. The remaining 50% will be given away as prize money. The more people who join the Club, the more money we raise for the school and the greater the prize money each month.


Draw dates for the year: Friday 19th October

                                           Friday 30th November

                                           Friday 19th December

                                           Friday 25th January

                                           Thursday 28th February

                                           Friday 29th March

                                           Friday 26th April

                                           Friday 24th May

                                           Friday 28th June

                                           Tuesday 23rd July


Winners will be posted on Class Dojo.


To join contact any FABS member


This is a great way to raise money for school by having a clear out of old clothes. The more bags of clothes we collect the more money we can raise. At the same time we are helping people we've never met as the clothing will make journeys all over the world starting their new life! This can be a purpose built second hand store in Eastern Europe or South America, or a market stall in East or West Africa, providing valuable employment for importers, warehouse staff, transport companies and stall holders as well as affordable clothes for local people.


The next pick up from Bag 2 School is 30th October 2018.


We will be organising as many fund raising activities as we can this year so please look out for more detailed information about them. These are just a few that are coming up:


Bake sale and recipe books

We will be holding another bake sale and will be putting together a new recipe book, so make sure your favourite recipes are included this year.


Christmas Fair 

Last years event was a very festive affair and we hope to repeat the success this year with more Christmas games and crafts along with Santa's grotto and seasonal refreshments.


Movie Nights

Throughout the year FABS arrange afternoons after school to enjoy a Movie, popcorn and drinks for all the school kids!


Bedfield and Monk Soham Village Fete

The fete is our biggest fund raising event of the year and generates an income of around £500.

This event is strongly supported by the school and FABS. The children put on a performance in the main ring, normally dancing or singing. FABS run the catering side of the event along with a number of stalls.


Sports day and Raffle

FABS provide refreshments for the children and the parents and draw the raffle prizes.

So how can you help?

There are many ways to support us by either:

  • Joining us at our regular meetings
  • Becoming a class representative
  • Assisting in the planning and running of fund raising events
  • Making donations
  • Buying raffle tickets
  • Sharing any new fundraising ideas
  • Coming along to our fundraising events

Everyone can also support us
 By using easysearch instead of Google or any other search engine, you can make a real difference. easysearch is completely FREE and by making just 10 searches a day, you could raise around £20 a year for your chosen cause.

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The school has lots of projects, some big and some small that they need help to fund. So,  we need to put our thinking caps on and get busy to help Bedfield School continue to be a FABulouS school.

This is a fantastic way to raise money for the school and it doesn't cost you anything! Click on the link to find out more and sign up. Happy shopping!

Happy Fundraising :-)