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FABS Spending


FABS are delighted to be able to cover the cost of a Christmas treat for all the children to go and see The Elves and the Shoemaker at The Avenue Theatre in Ipswich - a performance put on by Red Rose Chain theatre company.  We will also be covering the cost of the coach but asking for a small contribution per child:

Cost of theatre tickets:  ££360

Cost of coach:  £178 (less contributions received)


We have been please to purchase a new replacement kettle and toaster for the school staff and Breakfast Club.

Cost for both:  £46.98:  



purchase of RE Resource Pack to support teaching of RE across the school for all year groups from EYFS to KS2.  Cost £180.



FABS purchased 3 picnic tables (Total spend £1,379) located in the front playground and sports field.
We also purchased a large gazebo for use in the class one playground and for events such as the village fete and school sports day.