Design Technology at Bedfield Church of England Primary School            


DT at Bedfield


Key purpose

Design Technology at our school inspires children to combine creativity and imagination with developing practical skills to design and create products which are inventive, practical and fit for given purposes.  Production is linked to a growing awareness of different needs, wants, consumer and market values.  Children learn about design and technologies of the past and present, developing their understanding of how design and technology impacts on daily life, the wider world and potentially the future.

Key Principles

Design Technology builds on National Curriculum objectives and is integrated with themes derived from other curriculum subjects where relevant. Emphasis is placed upon gaining subject knowledge, understanding and skills linked to maths, science, engineering, history, computing and art. The children are challenged to develop skills to work with a range of raw materials – food, fabrics, and manufactured, natural and recycled materials.  They practice and refine their skills to manipulate different materials to create prototypes, strengthen and improve them, based on rigorous evaluation, both self -generated and advised by others. They learn how to convert 2D design to 3D equivalents and at different scales. The focus ranges on establishing and improving pupils’ ability to perform everyday tasks confidently and effectively, as well as seeing a product through from the different stages from design, creation, testing, evaluation and improvement to achieve higher quality results.

What does success look like in Design Technology?

Children will understand that design impacts on many aspects of daily life and combines imagination, practical and technical skills.  They will have experience of refining skills, working with a range of materials, using their properties efficiently to design a range of their own products, using a brief and with a consumer in mind.  They will gain an appreciation of market and improving a product after testing and evaluating it to reach highest quality potential.

DT Progression



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