Maths at Bedfield Church of England Primary School


Maths at Bedfield



At Bedfield, we believe everyone can be a mathematician. We teach Mathematics by progressing age related knowledge and skills through the main National Curriculum strands: Number and Place Value, Calculation – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division – Fractions, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics. Each strand progresses using three big ideas:

  • Fluency of applying basic mathematical skills
  • Problem-Solving using mathematical skills to solve problems, tackle and embrace new mathematical challenges
  • Reasoning using mathematical language to make connections, and explain patterns, relationships and ideas



White Rose Maths

We use the White Rose Maths scheme to support mathematical understanding from Reception through to Year 6. The scheme uses concrete and abstract images and resources for children to see and understand numerical concepts in clear but different ways. As skills develop, we encourage children to apply their understanding to problem solving, mastery and real- life examples of how Maths can be used day to day. The scheme is based on the Singapore method of ensuring all children can access learning material and progress to understanding increasingly complex concepts. Through the White Rose, learning Maths is enjoyable and fun.



 Maths progression

eyfs maths planning overview.pdf


maths planning overview.pdf