Year 6 residential



Aylmerton 17th - 21st June

Day 1

All settled in well! Had a fun afternoon of ‘pirate activities’ which entailed team building and included an obstacle course, building a monsoon shelter (and testing it!), high ropes and a zip wire (no broken bones yet!). After pizza for tea Mrs Thomas joined us just in time for an amazing bird and snake display. We met and handled a selection of different birds (owls, dove and a very entertaining tame crow) snakes and an enormous tortoise!

The evening was rounded off with a quick footy match and a much needed hot chocolate! Some quotes from the children...”it’s been fun so far” “the ladders are in the wrong place” “ it was weird touching the snake” “rooms are cosy” “ pirate activities were the best” “animals were fascinating “. 

All looking forward to the day ahead and are currently devouring breakfast!


Day 2

A great second day with sensory activities in the woods followed by den building. Three brilliant structures were built and put to the test with the teachers firing water pistols at the dens. There were a few soggy residents to say the least! After drying off it was a short bus ride to West Runton for lunch on the beach before a happy half hour or so rock-pooling and hunting for fossils. A walk to Cromer followed taking our time to look at cliff erosion and learning about long shore drift. All enjoyed paddling in the shallows but were relieved to see the bus waiting on the cliff top and escape an impending rain storm! (Or was that just Mrs Thomas?!)

After pasta for tea we all met up for an evening walk through the woods and fields (and cowpats thank you William!) to Felbrigg Church for a memorable storytelling moment.

Some tired faces at breakfast but team moral is good and we look forward to heading off to Blakney very shortly.

“Great fun den building even though we got wet!” “ loved it on beach walk” “ interesting seeing things that had fallen off cliffs” “awesome story” “get out of there William!” “My legs are still hurting “

Day 3

Another great day here in Norfolk! Feel we are ready for our bronze Duke of Edinburgh at least! The bus took us to Cley where we started our expedition a long meander along the shingle searching for semiprecious stones and shells (remember to empty those trouser pockets before they go in the wash - woe betide if you lose that green jasper or cornelian!) After talking about different habitats  and learning about univalves, bivalves and carnivorous dog whelks we took refuge in the sand dunes for our picnic and a post luncheon meditative sensory moment (aka snooze for Mrs T!) listening to sounds around us. Then onto the high point of the trip so far crossing the estuary to Blakeney. That meant shoes and socks off and squelching through the mud! And the sun came out!! The day was completed with a fish and chips for tea, spending pocket money in the shop and some free time on the field! Yes we all slept really well after brilliant day! Bliss!!

“I really liked collecting the stones” “tired and achy legs again “ “I liked how the mud felt on my feet” “walking through mud was best part of the day” “walking through the river was lovely because it cooled my feet off” “food was nice today” “I’m really enjoying my lie ins (please take note mum!)

Day 4

Children had a fab day yesterday! We went for a long walk around the woods and Felbrigg Estate - on an orienteering mission. Bowling last night, and on our way to Cromer now. Lots of team building - lots of fun - the children are happy and they are a credit to their parents! See you all later. ☀😊🌊