Physical Education at Bedfield

Pipers Vale 2024

Gymnastics sessions at Pipers Vale


Orienteering 2024


Being physically active, participating in PE lessons and school sport is very important at Bedfield. Our Christian vision that from the smallest of all seeds come the tallest of trees, impacts on our PE in school. We feel that even as a small school we can participate in festivals and tournaments and often do well despite our few numbers. Our pupils have more opportunities to represent the school and in certain sports have the opportunity to do really well. We participate in the schools sports mark despite our small size.




It is our vision for PE at Bedfield that all children will leave having enjoyed a broad range of sports and physical activity. They will have gained the skills, knowledge and confidence to participate with enthusiasm, competence and independence.

We will teach safe, supportive and effective PE lessons, provide a range of relevant extra – curricular sports clubs and enable as many children to participate in school sporting competitions or performances whilst at the school.

PE and Sport will also contribute to developing the pupils’ social, emotional and intellectual skills: such as communication, teamwork, resilience, fair play, leadership and problem-solving as-well as knowledge and understanding of how being active is related to being fit and healthy. Participation in PE activities, showing determination, achieving success and ‘personal bests’, will be celebrated. This will promote the children’s self-esteem, highlight the positive impact on health and well-being and promote a desire to continue to develop their skills.

 All the above, will lead to the children being able to continue to participate in sporting and physical activity and so make healthy choices, for the rest of their lives.

PE progression of skills

p e planning overview 4 year cycle.pdf