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The ability to read confidently and fluently, comprehend a variety of texts and enjoy the endless possibilities of understanding the world better, lie at the heart of accessing all aspects of the curriculum. At Bedfield, we prioritise early reading using our Little Wandle phonics scheme so that children gradually become confident readers who can apply their knowledge and skills to increasingly complex reading matter. As skills develop, so does our children’s ability to deduce and infer content from wide ranging reading material, working towards a life- long love of reading.

In guided reading, we select contemporary, classic and information texts for children to enjoy, leading children into new worlds of authors’ imaginations and new knowledge for life. We support our pupils to develop comprehension skills to scan and find specific information from non-fiction texts, to support their knowledge acquisition across subjects studied in class. We make close links between reading and writing, quite often the more avid the reader, the better the writer, as children learn an increasing range of vocabulary, leading to improved and more effective self-expression.

Support from parents and carers to develop children’s reading is invaluable. We encourage you to share books with your child every day, read to them, listen to them read, or discuss the content of a book. Advice on publications and new books to read at every age level can be found on this link.


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