School Council


School Council

Mrs Coker chairs our School Council meetings.

We discuss a wide range of topics.

Currently we are talking about:

26th April 2023Growing vegetables to sell and doing a cake sale
School Pet Discussions still ongoing 
Clubs Possibility of a movie night once a half term 
Writing Week Ideas for writing week - influential people
Raising funds for the school Growing vegetables to sell and a cake sale
Rounders  Summer Term 2 - Children from the school council to organise with a member of staff to support

We meet once per half term.  

21st June 2023

School Pet The school now has three chickens
Clubs Decide which clubs children would like with the use of the suggestion box 
Writing Week  Still to be planned
Raising money for the school via the fête Discussed making friendship bracelets and pom-poms in own time
Rota for feeding and cleaning the chickens Going to ask in collective worship for children to volunteer


We have a suggestion box, it is outside the school office and we would like suggestions so we can discuss them at our next meeting.