Science at Bedfield


Science progression of skills


We teach Science as a multi-disciplinary subject and ensure children learn a range of related topics that are based in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We support children to learn specific Scientific skills, from generating inquiry questions, considering how these can be investigated using relevant equipment competently, as well as teaching how to carry out tests practically to find results. Science learning involves knowing how to complete a fair test, record results, explain what has been discovered and why this might have happened. Understanding the impact Scientific discoveries have had on the world are key to appreciating the importance of this subject.

Learning about the natural world, human biology, plant reproduction and life cycles continue to fascinate children and provide an appreciation of different stages of life processes in children. The subject of Electricity, Forces and their impact, how we see are all part of Physics. Reactions between different subjects constitute early learning about Chemical reactions. These are all areas we cover in our Science teaching and maintaining links with secondary schools provide access to a wider ranges of resources to prepare children for Science learning later on in their education.


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