Values for Life


As part of our school aim of 'sowing, growing, knowing', we work to support our children to be fully rounded, thoughtful and caring individuals. As a church school, promoting Christian values is an important part of this. Each half term, we focus on a different value across the school. The value is the theme for our collective worship (assemblies) and is also promoted and reflected upon across the school. With the children, we talk about the value becoming a virtue, developing from thoughts to actions. Information is also sent home to parents about how they can support children to develop and understand the value.

As a school community we have selected 6 core values that we feel reflect the uniqueness of our school.  They include: Compassion, Respect, Forgiveness, Friendship, Trust and Truthfulness.

Each half termly value is chosen by our Ethos Committee from the 6 values that were voted on above. The chosen value form the theme for our Collective Worship and reflect the way we want to conduct ourselves around school.