Writing at Bedfield



At Bedfield, we employ the process approach to teaching writing skills. This means we engage and inspire children with quality texts, support them to explore these to become familiar with associated language and grammatical features and then use their newly acquired skills to become more increasingly accomplished writers. Improving writing can include speaking and listening activities to develop articulate conversation, there is saying, ‘if you can’t say it, you can’t write it,’ and good oracy is a particular skill to succeed in modern life. Use of drama, short writing tasks, note taking and research are all linked to developing the skills of the writer.

From early letter formation, the development of a joined writing style, all the way through to formatting extended written pieces can be seen as the journey children take in their careers as writers. This essential skill is applied across other subjects too.

The diagram below shows summarises the different stages of the writing process.


We additionally encourage children to enjoy writing, to write spontaneously for pleasure because they have ideas they want to express. We periodically set aside Writing Weeks, when children can use special writing journals to write about experiences or learning at school in more depth. This can take the form of a variety of genres, both personal, narratives or forms of non-fiction such as biography, diaries, persuasion texts, reports or explanations of a wide variety of phenomenon.


Writing Progression

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